The University of Western Sydney (UWS) and the Australian Government Department of Social Services are encouraging individuals and organisations to get involved and participate in the forthcoming Conference of national significance, entitled ‘Advancing Community Cohesion – Towards a National Compact’.

The Conference will be held at the University of Western Sydney: 15-17 July 2015 bringing together leading decision-makers, thinkers and practitioners in multicultural affairs to discuss and debate key issues and national initiatives in place to advance community cohesion within Australia and search for new directions.

Individuals and organisations are encouraged to attend this very timely Conference, which is expected to attract over 300 delegates including politicians, senior public servants from the Australian Government, and the state/territory as well as local governments, academics and students from various disciplines in a range of Australian and international universities, and community sector leaders and practitioners.

In expressing support for this Conference, the Prime Minister of Australia the Hon Tony Abbott MP stressed that:  “Our nation has a multicultural character and it is unimaginable without the life, the times, and the passion of people who come here from all four corners of the earth.  In uncertain times, it is important we do what we can to promote harmony, tolerance and unity. …”.

Similarly, in promoting the Conference, the Leader of the Opposition the Hon Bill Shorten MP stressed that:  “It is our duty to always protect and breathe new life into our multiculturalism and seize the opportunities that a diverse Australia presents … we should never be complacent … In fostering a spirit of cooperation may this conference serve to build an even more harmonious and prosperous Australia for future generations.”

By attending this Conference, participants will be able to:

engage and network with key leaders, decision makers, thinkers and practitioners in multicultural affairs;
establish relationships with key players in this field, including Australian and international experts on social cohesion;
discuss and debate national and local issues regarding social cohesion, including exploring its philosophical and pragmatic aspects in diverse societies; and
gain knowledge on possible successes and initiatives aimed at addressing difficulties and challenges in advancing social cohesion.
If you are interested in attending, please register by accessing the following website which also includes more details on the Conference themes and confirmed speakers:

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