How We Help

Core Activities


In addition to the Management Committee, the MCCSA has several other committees: Aged Care (Helena Kyriazopoulos, Convenor) Women (Cathy Chong, Convenor) Education, Languages, Employment and Training (Ekaterina Briffa, Convenor) Transport User’s Group (Cathy Chong, Convenor)

Our Role

The main role of the MCCSA is to: advocate on behalf of CALD communities on a range of important issues such as ageing, health and wellbeing, women’s issues and youth issues. use a range of mediums to provide timely information on key issues facing CALD communities. support CALD communities to become strong, viable and sustainable. provide timely, accurate and relevant policy advice to government.

The MCCSA receives an annual grant from the South Australian Government to support our core programs and activities.