Letters of Support

MCCSA has been and will continue to actively seek Government assistance to help us build an additional floor and rooftop area onto our building at 113 Gilbert Street. We have already had 33 letters of support from community organisations. Please add your voice if you believe it is important for both established and newer ethno-specific communities to have an affordable home in Adelaide.

A building expansion will help nurture and support CALD communities particularly small to medium ethnospecific groups and microcommunities. Many lack their own facilities because of factors such as community size, socio-economic levels and age profile. This will provide a new way of working within the multicultural sector into the future and recognises the diversity of current migration trends.

The building redevelopment will provide additional multipurpose, flexible space which can accommodate groups up to twice as large as MCCSA can cater for at present. It will provide space for activities which have higher space requirements such as exercise, dancing (including traditional dance classes), art classes, cooking classes, larger forums and information sessions , multicultural meetings, all age community activities, community celebrations, active play in multicultural playgroups and large volunteer functions to reward and celebrate our volunteers. The rooftop development will provide the capacity for a communal rooftop garden, BBQ area, outdoor exercise and meeting space.

The additional space will also enable MCCSA to expand into English conversation classes, something which it wants to offer on a regular basis to accelerate the uptake of English, add additional language classes for various communities and possibly a games group and sewing group. The various groups often require storage of equipment and items and once additional shelving is placed in the garage our storage capacity will be full.

This will add to functions and activities currently held in our smaller hall and training room such as seniors groups, art classes, playgroups, language classes, community meetings etc.
Please add your support and support not only your own community but a thriving multicultural South Australia.

Please direct any letters of support to Helena Kyriazopoulos , CEO MCCSA at mccsa@mccsa.org.au attention Helena