Active Ageing – Art and Movement

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Art and movement

active ageing
Spanish Speaking Seniors

The second half of 2015 saw the completion of our art and movement program (Beautiful friendships) funded by the Minister for Ageing with a Positive Ageing grant. The Spanish speaking group completed their clay mural which joins people from Spain and Latin America and explores the theme of belonging, inclusiveness, welcome and effective settlement in Adelaide. These themes were very close to their hearts as they felt socially, geographically and culturally isolated. The mural is now in pride of place next to MCCSA reception. They finished the year with introductory workshops on wool and weaving loom and art health. The Russian speaking group ended the year with an array of hand made Xmas decorations and the Lebanese movement group ended with the purchase of some small exercise aids so that the program could continue.

In 2016 MCCSA provided funding to three groups the Spanish speaking group, the Russian speaking group and the Lebanese Maronites so that they could continue their active ageing program. These groups make a positive difference in the lives of the older people who attend, teaching them new skills, companionship, a chance to express themselves creatively, a chance to increase their wellbeing and the opportunity to socialize in their own language.

Russian Seniors at MCCSA
Russian Speaking seniors

Korean Wood Carving Lesson for Aged 50 and Over

Korean Art
Korean Speaking Seniors

MCCSA’s hall has been filled up with people’s laughter and rhythmical ‘tap tap tap tap’ sounds every fortnight since the 8th of July. This is because the ‘Korean wood Carving Lesson for Aged 50 and Over’ sessions have been taking place. This project is managed by the Multicultural Communities Council of South Australia and financed by a Seniors Grant from the Office for the Ageing, Department for Health and Ageing. The aim of this project is to enhance skills whilst improving social inclusion and wellbeing. We have found in previous art programs that this is very important for CALD groups.

This art class for intergenerational group of seniors aged 50 and over provides opportunities for social engagement, intergenerational bonding, reduced isolation and an increased sense of belonging to South Australia. Participants were not aware of the basics of wood carving, and therefore they were clumsy in even using the tools at first. However, their skills in wood carving and use of equipment improved over time as they gained familiarity with wood carving.

Through these artistic activities, participants could not conceal their excitement and joy collaborating in such creative activity with each other, and are restoring the vitality of their lives. Participants are showing their enthusiastic attitude by taking their tools home and spending time practicing. As a result of such passion from the participants, the hammering sound that somewhat sounded like dull and clumsy have become more natural and rhythmic, and their skills are continuously improving to the point where they are able to create an artwork of their own. It can be expected that through these sessions of creative arts activities, the communication between the Korean participants to become even more harmonious, and that their mental well-being and self-expression to be enhanced.